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Howards & Sons War Memorial Ilford Cemetery — 7 Comments

  1. I am trying to find out what became of Howards and Sons after i953. My father,A.W.Cotton worked at Howards for many years during WW2 and lived with his family in the large house that belonged to the factory and was situated immediately behind Uphall Elementary School.I am Mr.Cottons eldest son and lived in the house with him till 1944 when the house was damaged by a V1 flying bomb. I moved to Canada in 1953 and discovered recently that the house,the factory and much else has been replaced by residential biuldings. Can any one tell me when all this happened

    • Dear Arthur

      Howards was finally closed in 1980 and the factory buildings were demolished.

      Laporte, the owners of the Howards factory, cleared all the waste from the site so that the area could be redeveloped at a cost of £8 million.

      The waste included 150,000 tons of cinchona bark (from which quinine was extracted) and a radioactive thorium dump. The dump was decontaminated and the waste removed in protective drums.

      When the site was fully cleared and made safe in 1990, the Uphall housing estate was built. Redbridge Museum has a display about Howards in its permanent gallery.

      Kind regards
      Gerard Greene
      Redbridge Museum Manager

  2. Re Silas Wheatley on the memorial he was my grandfathers brother.
    son of Jonah and Emma wheatley. Silas was born at Arlesey in Beds and married to Annie they lived at 1 Eastbury Sq Barking.
    Silas enlisted between Jan/ May 1915 his service Number was19044.
    He ws killed on 6/8/1915 during the landings at Suva Bay.
    He has no known grave but is commemorated on the memorial in Twelve trees copse cemetery at Helles Gallipoli

    • Many thanks for the additional information which we will add to the Essex Commemoration Project.

  3. Re WW1 memorial Eckworth .F his full name was Frederick Cornelius Eckworth dob 1891, died in Gallipoli.
    D Eckworth

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