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Barnardo’s Memorial to children and staff 1885 to 1976 — 31 Comments

  1. Hi My name is Jim, my brother,sisters, & I were at Bernardo’s Woodford bridge 1965. For about a year.
    I remember a few things about the home, and also few names. One of the. Biggest memories was sitting on a bench on the green next to the maypole, from there I could see the tops of the silver carriages of the Central line tube which also run past the top of our back garden at home in Loughton. At the time I thought I was million miles away.
    There was also a Church & Cinema on site and one of the staff lived in a house that was just inside the entrance to Bernardo’s. We called her aunt Emma, she was a nice Lady.
    I think the couple that run our house were called Mr & Mrs Jackson, and I also remember an older boy named David Stead, who went to live in Australia I often wonder how he’s doing. I Had some fond memories of the place.

  2. Hi
    I am looking for a lad Andrew cox & his sister Amanda Cox they both were living in Dr Banardos Caldecott children’s home berkshire they were looked after by mum Christine Lumb Now known as Sheridan when she was young til 1973 when she married Bob Sheridan. We like to be in touch with them for my dad. Please if it’s you or anyone knows of them please b in touch

  3. My dad’s mum, Dorothy Clark, knew the matron at the Woodford Bridge children’s home. They used to collect a little girl called Rita and take her home for dinner on a Sunday. This would have been approximately 1952 and Rita was about 3. Recently found a picture of Rita; my dad has fond memories of little Rita.

  4. Is there anybody who was in angas house garden city woodford essex. 1n 1966/67/68.the uncle and auntie was mr and mrs collins.it would be nice to hear from anyone there when I was .I am bryan callahan.

    • Hi Bryan
      Leta here, I was in Angus house in 1968 with my brothers and sisters, Martin, Tina, Graham & Petra.

    • Hi Bryan
      Leta here, I was in angus house 1968 with my brothers and sisters, Martin,Tina, Graham & Petra. Bill & Stella Collins was the auntie and uncle and they had an Alsatian dog named Jane, Mrs Edmunds was one of the staff there.

      • Yes I remember Mrs Edmondson a horrible lady she slaped around the face. And the dog bit me when we went to gt Yarmouth on holiday.but I did miss it there . I used to share a room with I can’t remember his but he had no legs.and there was Neil Morris on and his two sisters.and harald Stevenson he used to take me to see Tottenham hotspur football.

  5. I have a note on my great grandfathers funeral notice that he was a great friend of Dr Bernardo and helped him establish the home at Barkingside but I can find no reference to Edward Bruce’s association with him.

  6. Hi my mother was in Dr Banardos from 1935, she stayed at Woodford Green, then went to High Close in Wokingham and finally Llandudno.

    • Hi
      You might want to add your mother’s name if you are seeking assistance. Alternatively you could contact Barnardo’s who do have records and will research them for a fee.

  7. Hi
    I’m trying to find information for my mother, she was taken into Barbados around 1942, she spent time at Woodford Green, High Close in Wokingham and then Llandudno.

  8. im looking for anyone that may have worked with my mum at Banardos in Barkingside, roughly around early 1960s her name was Valerie Sims . thank you

  9. Hi my name is Kevin Bovis I’m trying to trace Angel Perrin who was a resident of Dr Barnodos yalding Kent in 1967

  10. Inquiring about a ‘home girl’ named Alice Mary Theresa Woodcock who gave birth to a son, named Patrick Joseph Woodcock, at the age of 15. Believed she was placed in a home in Lindsay, Ontario area. Baby was sent to a foster home at the age of one month and eventually adopted by that couple.

  11. I wondered if anyone had any information on a Miss M Dalgetty who was a house mother at Barkingside Barnardos children’s home?
    No idea how long she was there but definitely between 1955 and 58. She cared for my father.
    Many thsnks

  12. Hi my name is Elaine Glover nee Merrikin and was amazed to see a name on the memorial stone who was Henritta Merrikin 1916 if anybody can help please leave a message here {post edited to remove email address]

  13. Writing from Australia. Just found your blog on a memorial to staff and children, and at first was very interested. At last I might find some mention of the SUTTON family, but it was not to be. Mrs Stacey Sutton (b 1791) was a ‘house mother’ in some of Dr Barnardo’s cottages. She (deserted wife) and her children were there for several decades. 1841 charwoman; 1851 laundress; 1871 former laundress. Her known children were Stacey (1871 nurse); Emily (pew opener) Henry, 1871 scholar. Also Cornelius, Henry, Joseph, Amelia.
    Two of our great-grandfather’s children were staying with her at the time. Their father was dead and their mother ailing from cancer. Minnie von Hagen and little Rosina both listed as nurse child, and going to school.
    One cottage where she tended ‘nurse children’ was ‘Rose Cottage’. Stacey Sutton the old mother died 1874. Then her daughters continued to live and work at Woodford Bridge. As late as 1891, Stacey Sutton jnr was listed as boarding house keeper for the deaf. Her unwed sister Emily was with her, and she lists our relation as her ‘adopted daughter’. Rosana A V Hagen (actually Albania Rosina von Hagen), occup: church attendant.
    Stacey junior died 1899. Thereon younger sister Emily Sutton, retired dressmaker, is resident of Woodford House Cottage, and listed as aunt of Margaret Barnard, the school caretaker.

    On another note – best of British to anyone wanting copies or information or any encouragement from Barnardos. I have been asking and writing for decades. Even have a letter in Tom Barnado’s hand to our grandfather. The older generation of von Hagen family here in Australia thought very highly of Dr & Mrs Barnardo, for their kindness to the orphaned teens and younger siblings. Some stayed in England, some came to Oz.
    Happy hunting.

  14. I have a service medallion from ‘Dr. Bernardo’s Homes’ to one ‘Ella Hillier’ for ‘good conduct and length of service’.
    It was found in southern Ontario in the late 1970s.
    Where would I be able to find more information on this piece?

  15. I found a pray book that has R Cook
    in it has 195 Graftom St;
    DE Banardo’s Home Liverpool
    Myrtle st
    just wondering who this was and if he /she had family
    found in Canada Ontario I would love to give it back to family

  16. hello to any relations of percy woodcock 1902. it looks like percy run away from foster parents on 15/4/1918 on a womans bycle according to joseph Gabriel & was heading towards Hastings at 11 -30 pm .was 5ft tall and fair hair & blue eyes cheers michael

  17. Hello
    My Great Grandmother is Gertrude May Woodcock. I received her file from Barnardo’s and from what I see there was not a daughter named Annie. The siblings that I see listed in the file are Selina Maud (3), Percy (2) (both admitted to Barnardos with Gert) Emily (12), John James (10), Violet (9), Ernest (7), Daniel Luke (6 wks), they all stayed with their father according to the records I received.
    After that I am not sure what happened to the rest of the children if they stayed with their father or not, they would only send me the info about my great grandmother….but I did receive a photo of Gertrude upon admission and also a picture of the 3 siblings together (Gertrude, Selina and Percy).
    Hope that bit of info can help you. I would also like to know more about the siblings that stayed with their father….I am searching whenever I have time.

    • hello jennifer , yes i am selina woodcock grand daughter, and aunt gerrude was my great aunt, she was my fathers aunt .i really cant believe you contacted me .this is great ,i really would love to talk with you and compare what we both have.how much and how do i get anything from the records of my grandmother from banardo homes if they have anything. i did find out that there father remarried later on and had another daughter named ada woodcock in or around 1913 ,after child birth. i think. i was told that the mother emma sampson /woodcock died in 1904. please contact me jennifer . thank you.

      • Delighted to see that you guys found each other via the GenPals site! Please do keep us update with how you get on. If you have any photos of the family and would like to add them please use the ‘Contact Us’.
        GenPals Admin

    • 1881 England Census about James Woodcock
      Name: James Woodcock
      Age: 30
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1851
      Relationship to Head: Head
      Spouse: Susan Woodcock
      Gender: Male
      Where born: St Marys Scilly, Cornwall, England
      Civil Parish: Scilly Islands St Mary
      County/Island: Cornwall
      Country: England
      Street Address: Church Street
      Marital Status: Married
      Employment status:
      View Image
      Occupation: Farm Laborer
      Registration District: Scilly Islands
      Sub-registration District: Scilly Islands
      ED, institution, or vessel: 1
      Piece: 2352
      Folio: 16
      Page Number: 23
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      James Woodcock 30
      Susan Woodcock 30
      James J. Woodcock 6
      Annie J. Woodcock 4
      Daniel Woodcock 2
      John Woodcock

      I have sent Dian Lachance 9 wordpad files of information that I found her re” Woodcock and Gabriel(who took in some of the Woodcok Family) Surnames

  18. inquireing about annie woodcock, was she a child of emma sampson/woodcock and james jenkin woodcock? did she have other siblings in the banardo homes ,i am a grand daughter to a selina woodcock , she and her sister gertrude m woodcock were sent to canada in 1912 on the sicilian ship and were sent to peterborough ont. to stay at the hazelbrea home. there was another child by the name of emma woodcock ,was she a relitive also.? i know there were more children named violet , william and percy .and john. also believe there was a set of twins.and possible handicap child. there mother emma sampson /woodcock passed away after childbirth i believe and most of the younger kids were placed in the banardo homes. percy i found out was adopted by the family that had him and my gramma and gertrude ,but they were sent over to canada,i have found out lots of history already but am still curious about what happened to the other kids, there father did remarry to a lady named edith mary elln pender he died in march 9 1947.he also had another girl to his second wife ,they called her ada woodcock.
    if you can help me i would appreate it ..thank you.

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