We offer many different research services but above all, as suggested by our name, Gen’Pals’, we want to act as your research ‘Pal’ to help you with your genealogy, whether you want to just ask questions and do the research yourself or whether you would like us to research your family history on your behalf.

The first step is to contact us and provide as much information as possible along with details of what information you would like to find. For example, would you like us to trace one line back to the early 1800’s or two lines? Perhaps you would like your full ancestry researched?

We will provide a free consulation, discussing the possibilities and providing an estimate of the costs / time involved. We are sure you appreciate that some families are easier to find than others, it depends on the family name. where your ancestors lived and their occupations.

But to give you a rough indication tracing one line back to the 1800’s would cost around £80 to £100. Two lines would be about £150.

The finished research will be presented to you in our report. This will contain the details of all information found, transcripts of the records, full source details and a family tree displaying the information found.

Custom Research

If you prefer to commission research charged by the hour please contact us with details of the research you are interested in and we will put together a package for you to select from.


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