GenPals started in the 1990’s with some work colleagues doing crosswords in the staff canteen at lunch time!

There came a time when we getting through the crosswords with ample time to spare and started chatting about other interests. Genealogy came up and much to our suprise we found we all had the same hobby. This was back in the days when it wasn’t as popular and you didn’t go shouting about it. Out went the crosswords and in came census, parish records, family trees, swapping cd’s and books. Lunch time had never been so much fun.

Little by little the colleagues who had ‘distanced’ themselves sat break time started asking questions, “How can we find our great grandfathers?“, “my mum would love to have a family tree, where do I start?” and so it went on.

The end result is that we have been helping others with their ancestry research for many years.


Worked with as an Expert researcher.

Have articles printed in a variety of Genealogical publications

Transcribed records for several online resources.

Member of The Professional Genealogists Group