1. We will always promote an honest &  truthful approach to genealogy, family history and local history.
  2. We will present our research results and opinions in a clear, well-organized manner with fully and accurately cited source references.
  3. We will report all information obtained ‘warts and all’, please note that sometimes information such as illegitimate births, suicides, criminal records etc will be found. Its not for us to judge our ancestors and / or to apply current standards to past events.
  4. We are unable to research projects where the person has been adopted and the only name you are able to supply is the adoption name.
  5. We are unable to research projects where you only want to find living people, we always protect and respect the people’s privacy.

Photos – a small charge is made to cover our costs for photos, normally between £6 and £10 depending on how much information is known and the amount of research we would need to perform to find the relevant plot or address and the distance from us. All photos are sent by email at high resolution. Headstone requests include photos of the plot/grave, the row, general view of the position within the cemetery and close-ups of the headstone / inscription, we will also check nearby graves for known relatives.

The following describes the agreement between us if you ask us to undertake genealogical research services for you.

  1. We will undertake to research documents available in order to compile you family history. So that we do not duplicate work already done, you agree to provide us with the information you already have, including copies of reports or summaries of previous research performed, copies of significant records, and notes on sources or collections already searched. Doing so will save us time and you costs.
  2. We will begin work once the agreed deposit has been paid via Pay Pal.
  3. We will perform work to the standard prevailing in genealogy, including the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Code of Ethics adopted by the Board of Certification of Genealogists, and the Standards recommended by the National Genealogical Society.
  4. Having completed the research, we will provide you with a fully documented report, copies (scans & jpeg images) of all relevant documents, transcripts of these documents, a description of our findings, basis/sources for our conclusions and recommendations for further research where appropriate.
  5. Although not anticipated for any projects, there are times when research is not successful in finding all the information clients may want. For this reason we must specify that the amount charged is for our time spent conducting the research, whether successful or not. Additionally our charges do not include the cost of ordering certificates (births, marriages, deaths from 1837+) which will only be purchased with your agreement.