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Barnardo’s Liverpool child emigrant to Canada — 4 Comments

  1. My wife is the daughter of Robert Cooke who wrote in the above prayer book she would love to have the prayer book.She was born 10 January 1948.She can provide proof if needed of who she is.

  2. My maternal grandmother Adelaide Cooke was born in 1906 . She had a brother called Robert , born 1910 , and she and all her siblings and extended family grew up in Grafton Street , Liverpool and lived there for many years .Their parents were Thomas Cooke born 1879 and Phoebe Ellison born 1879.However this cannot be the Robert you are looking for as my mother remembers growing up with her uncle Bob always there and she was’nt born until 1937. I do believe some relatives did emigrate to Canada and that the child may be a cousin of my grandmother as the name Robert is common in the family.My grandmother and some of her family dropped the e from the end of the name to become Cook . I know that my great grandfather Thomas Cooke born 1879 had a brother Robert born 1873 who married an Ann Cottier ( could they have had a son called Robert?) .Unfortunately I have no further information but there are family trees on Ancestry.co.uk who have researched the Cooke family further.Good luck with the search.

    • HI My wife is Margaret Cooke daughter of Robert Cooke who wrote in the prayer book if we can help with what you are looking for please let us know
      Do you know if it is possible to get the prayer book for my wife
      Bill Hankin

    • Hi, my name is Margaret Hankin nee Cooke,my dad was Robert Cooke so I think that makes you my second cousin. my husband and myself are trying to do the family tree so it is lovely to hear that you are part of the family,I had 7 brothers and 2 sisters.Thomas and Pheobe were my grandparents,Adelaide was one of my auntie’s.Dad and uncle Tommy went to Canada with Banardo’s and they worked on a farm there I don’t know why they came back.Who was your mother? I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you.

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