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Barking Rippleside Cemetery (Surnames E – G) — 13 Comments

  1. Dear Sir,

    I recently visited the grave of a family member at Rippleside and was shocked to see the amount of half sunken graves, broken headstones, litter and all sorts of things lying around. The graveyard was very neglected and unkempt.Who is responsible for the General upkeep of the cemetery.

    Kindest regards
    Anne Fitzpatrick

  2. Good morning……I have been using a Family Research person to locate the burial place of my half-sister’s mother. The result is that she is buried in Rippleside Cemetary, Barking, Essex. References are – Register No. 18634, Buried 4 January 1937, Grave Ref. R/S/H/224, name of LILIAN ALICE THERESA ADAMS. However, I wonder if there is a location map of where we might find this grave as she is elderly and is travelling from Canada next year, so a location map would be appreciated if it’s possible please?

  3. Sorry to bother you again but my grandmother is also buried in Rippleside cemetary.
    Her name is either Ellen or Elizabeth Bevan and she would have been born about 1880-ish.
    Is there any chance you can locate her grave?
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Katie,
    I am looking for my relatives’ graves.
    There are three graves in a row: first my parents (together) John James Trott (born 13/9/1903) and Ellen Trott (born 11/12/1907), next my uncle and aunt (together) Frederick Trott and Mary Trott, finally my uncle Robert Bevan.
    Could you help me please, possibly with a section, or row, and grave number?
    Thanks very much.
    Dave Trott

  5. Hi I am looking for the grave of my grandfather George William Smith died in 1959 his wife Ivy Smith died in 1998 George was born in 1915 we think and ivy in 1916 Thank you Linda

    • Hi Linda, I look on the council data base for cemeteries and a match came up for your relatives, but the dates were different. The names and dates are Ivy Elsie Smith 18/03/1966
      George William Smith 11/12/1986
      The grave number is section R number 253, its in Rippleside cemetery. I hope this helps. Regards Katie.

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