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Paulatim Lodge, Whalebone Lane, Chadwell Heath — 17 Comments

  1. I used to walk past it between 1967 until early 70s. I and my dog saw a ghost of an old man standing by the pond leaning on a shovel. My dog barked I looked down at him then up again and he had vanished. Nowhere to go too far away from the house to go in it in five seconds flat.

    • I was walking down Billet Rd and a very elderly man with a walking stick appeared in front of me from nowhere. Dressed in very old fashioned clothing. He asked me for directions which I gave him and he started walking away. I was just turning the corner and looked back and he had disappeared. I walked a few steps back worried he may have fallen and looked in every direction and there was no sign of him anywhere. I’ve never seen him since then.

  2. Like the comments above, I lived in Geneva Gardens and walked past it daily as a child. I had such a great imagination of the different families who lived in it, and loved to stand and stare at it and let my imagination go mad. I loved staring at the pond. There was a film out (I think just before the fire), called ‘The amazing Mr Blunden’ and for some reason I imagined this being the house. I remember vividly the day of the fire – we were all devastated to see such a beautiful house be destroyed and replaced with more houses. Happy memories.

    • Thank you Annette for posting your memories, its the only way we can all learn about the places and houses that no longer exist.

  3. My husbands family used to own it. So family tales tell. Surname MORLEY.
    Land was owned by MORLEY’s and called it MORLEY HILL.
    Info above will be attached to our family tree.
    Thank you so much

  4. I remember this delightful house and would loved to have owned it I used to walk past it many times on my way to school I had been pretty fascinated by the house and pond I know it had a small summer house at the back of the property I so wish it still remained in situ I would have given anything to have put it right after the fire such a shame and not residing very far away always imagined what it must have been like in side. However I was just 8 years old but instantly fell in love with it so enchanting even for a young boy back in the 1972 and before I was quite upset to see it distroyed in the name of redevelopment I don’t think much of the houses built there at all and the poor original wall is slowly crumbling and when that finally goes no one will have any memories of that dear old house with the exception of those of us that can remember it I think it should form a part of school study its worth children learning about the area and history surrounding where they live.

  5. My grandfather Edward Richard Alcock purchased this property in 1919 and the family lived there until the property was demolished and the site taken over for new development. As a young child I spent many happy hours in the house, garden and grounds. I even managed to fall into the pond in the front of the property as a very young child but was fortunately rescued by an Aunt before I succumbed.

    • Many thanks for the additional information and what a lovely house to have grown up in, even if the pond was a little on the dangerous side!
      GenPals Admin

  6. I used to live in Adelaide Gardens, and walked past this house every day on my way to The Warren Junior School.As a child,I was fascinated by the large pond in the front garden.Does anyone else remember the large house to the right named “Endeavor”? Was this also destroyed in the fire?

  7. I was fascinated to see this. I have recently being researching my family tree and George Rayment was my Great Great Uncle on my fathers side.

  8. The lodge was damaged by fire in September1971 ( local paper report), was still awaiting demolition 1 year later. By 1975 new houses had been built on the site and were being sold.

  9. One more thing I actually watched the fire from my bedroom and then from the street. I was 9 remember it vividly. Even today I still believe it was deliberate to make way for new houses.

  10. The lodge was destroyed in a fire in 1976 and was demished before less than a week before a preservation order was due to be put on it. My house backed onto the property I used to be able to see the well from my bedroom.

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