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Little Heath Chapel, Chadwell Heath — 5 Comments

  1. I am writing a book – Aldborough Hatch – The Village in the Suburbs – A History – which I will publish privately nexrt month. The text is almost completed. St. Peter’s Church, Aldborough Hatch, was consecrated on 6th March 1862 – its history and artefacts feature in the book. Also I have a photograph and short history of the Chapel of St. James – referred to here. I would very much like to use the description of the opening ceremony here.

    • It may be over three years since your original posting, but I’d be interested in buying a copy of your book. I visited St Peters at the weekend but am more interested in the old church at Little Heath. My grandfather, William Baragwanath, lived in Aldborough Hatch as a child, possibly in a house called Double House and his grandfather, David Roberts, painted a scene in 1888 of his grandchildren collecting pennies for the guy looking out of a door of their house. Subsequently my grandfather and his brothers painted various scenes of the countryside around Aldborough Hatch. Some history of the area would be useful.

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