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Aldborough Hatch The Village in the Suburbs – A History — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Ron,
    I grew up (born 1946) in 53 Spearpoint Gardens, Aldborough Hatch, and spent many happy hours during my childhood before leaving finally in late sixties. My parents continued to live there and the property was not sold until 2002 or thereabouts. Although I spent the term time in boarding school, when a teenager in the holidays I used to work at the local farm for some pocket money (a pittance in those days!!). I believe the farmer’s name was Lewis or Lewes but I may be wrong. We had to start work at 7:00 am and did not get breakfast (half-hour) until 9:00 am. I will never forget my first day at the farm (I was probably 13/14 at the time) was spent picking runner beans from plants about 18″ tall. It was back-breaking work! I was probably paid less than a £1 a day as I can remember I usually got less than £7.00 in my pay packet at the end of the week!

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